Gripe Water for Babies - All You need to know

Gripe Water for Babies - All You need to know

As a new parent, you will probably experience a situation when your baby has a gas buildup or colic pain. Do not worry as it is normal and a common issue, but some remedies can give relief to your baby and indeed you. Continuous crying, unable to sleep and discomfort are the problems associated with this issue. Gripe water is a safe and natural remedy for these problems and has been used for babies for years and years.

What is gripe water?

There are many over the counter products available in the market to relieve infants' colic pain, but a safe and natural option is gripe water. It is an herbal remedy in a liquid form, and it may contain a mixture of herbs including ginger, fennel, liquor ice, chamomile, cinnamon or lemon balm. Generations have used many of its variations, and now manufacturers are focusing on using high quality and most effective ingredients.

What is gripe water used for?

When a baby cannot pass gas as the internal organs are still developing, he will experience discomfort and cry. The herbs present in it help in digestion, relaxing the baby’s tummy. It is also considered a saver in case of hiccups, fussiness, and teething pains.

If your baby cries for at least three hours a day without any apparent reason, he may have a colic problem. Prolonged hiccups can also be a source of abdominal discomfort. If the baby takes in too much air while feeding quickly, it may also cause hiccups.

How to give this water to baby?

First of all, read the instructions and recommended dosage on the leaflet. Colic pain usually comes in the form of waves and worsen after feeding. It is better to give a dose after a feed to help your baby avoid the gas pain. You can use a dropper or an empty bottle to give it to your baby.

Usually, it has a good taste and babies do not mind taking them or you can mix the gripe water in milk, but it is better not to dilute and give it alone.

Is it safe for baby?

As it is made of natural ingredients, it is a safe option to use. It is mild enough for the developing infant’s digestive system to bring relief and comfort to the baby and home. Do look at the ingredients before purchasing. It is better to avoid ingredients like alcohol, too much sugar, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint, gluten, parabens and vegetable carbon. It is not recommended for babies under one month as their digestive tract is extremely sensitive and still developing.

Side effects

 Although gripe water is a safe option as it is composed of very gentle herbal ingredients, it is advisable to look for any reactions when you give it to your baby the first time. Check for itchiness, swelling of lips or tongue, watery eyes, or vomiting.


Your baby can become sleepier after taking gripe water because their body needs the extra rest due to the discomfort and exhaustion of colic pain.

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