15 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

15 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

The baby shower is a celebration or party planned at the imminent arrival of a baby and usually consists of the family and close friends. It celebrates the mum-to-be and is a party welcoming the baby's birth.

People usually bring gifts with them, which are mostly some essentials for the baby or the mom to be. In this way, it becomes a great help for the new parents, especially if it is their first baby because sometimes you don't know what you will need shortly.

Parents can arrange the baby shower, or any relative or friend can also host it who is willing to do so. Traditionally baby showers were only a female gathering, but now co-ed baby showers are becoming popular, and all the family and friends join the celebration of happiness.

Baby Shower ideas:

Some unique and creative ideas can make the occasion more special and memorable.

1- Creative invitations

Lovely and cute invitation cards are available in the market, or you can also go for customized ones. Paperless invites are also trending where you invite people via email or online messaging; it is fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

2-Decorate a photo wall

Decoration will light up the event. Manage a gorgeous decoration with your friends. It is better to divide the tasks between all members, so the job is done efficiently. Try to set up a wall where everyone can get an excellent click. It may be a floral setup or balloon decoration or anything artistic.

3-Select a theme

It will look more organized and sophisticated if you select a theme for the party. All the decorations and arrangements when synchronized with each other will look more elegant and more comfortable to organize.

4-Play games

Plan a few games for the guests. It will be great fun and enjoyed by all. Even simple games give great pleasure and energy when they are played with loved ones. You can plan games for the kids as well.


5-Wishes for you and the baby

Make your guests write their wishes and advise and keep them as a memory. You will enjoy and cherish them later in your life. For this, you can get or make a creative guest book or diary.

6-Think outside the house

The location matters a lot on the effect of the occasion. It will be a good idea to plan it outdoors like a grill or BBQ/braai if the weather allows you. There are several activities and games you can plan out.

7-Pamper the mom to be

The focus of this party is the mom to be and to make her happy and relaxed. It will be keen to give her some extra care and treatments like massage, manicure, pedicure or a facial.

8-Make it a kid-friendly party

In the case of a second or third baby, it will be an excellent opportunity to prepare the siblings and get them ready to welcome the new baby. Use the party as an opportunity to also celebrate the older siblings and create the excitement for the new baby.

9-Take photos

Do take many photos with everybody at the party to commemorate your time with the family and friends. You will also have a remembrance of your pregnancy period how you looked like. It is enjoyable to look back at yourself during that phase.

10-Offer Words of Wisdom for The Mom-To-Be

If you are a new mom and have your first baby, there will be many things that you will have to know, and there will be a lot of advises the experienced mothers will want to tell you. You can manage it by circulating a notebook or diary among the guest and ask to write what they want to say or advise you. You will have a book of wisdom prepared for you till the end of the party.

11-Gift a book instead of a card

It will be a generous act from your side if you gift the new mom some book or helpful material instead of the card, which will prove to be valuable in the long run. Of course, you can wish anything on the book with your name.


12-Unique and Fun Baby Shower Gifts

New parents really appreciate the thought and love that goes into choosing a present for their new baby. It is always extra special if that gift is different and fun too. Examples of such gifts are cute animal hooded baby towels, fun bath time gifts, funny baby socks and bibs etc.

13-Gender reveal

You can add the anxiously awaited fact of gender reveal if you want in this beautiful event. There are many ideas for this like pink or blue cupcakes, balloons, party poppers etc.

14-Virtual baby showers

In this era of technology, it is easy to access the dear ones far from you. You can arrange a virtual baby shower by online video conferencing and include those that are too far from you in your party.

15-Gift opening

It can be more enjoyable to open the gift towards the end of the party and include the guests rather than alone. But it all up to you how comfortable you.

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